Calendar of Events

Mutants & Masterminds Day at CSW, Jan. 5th 2008

GM: Jason Altland

Paragons: a tale set in a world where "paragons" are just now emerging; will the public view them as heroes or monsters? This adventure features the just released "Paragons" campaign setting published by Green Ronin. This setting asks the question; how would superheroes function in the "real world?"

Justice League: Can the JLA stop the latest threat to the safety and security of Earth? This adventure allows players to act as a member of the Justice League using the Mutants and Masterminds system.

GM: Kevin Hake

Time of Crisis: A two part session featuring the official M&M setting Freedom City and the Freedom League. Players do not need to attend both sessions, each works as a stand alone game.

GM: Bill Jordan

Golden Age: Roleplaying using the Golden Age expansion from Green Ronin Games. Think Doc Savage or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

The hope from all of us running these games is to bring a higher awareness to our favorite roleplaying game.

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