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Marvel Comic News from the Dealer Summit

BIG SURPRISE - Marvel was late for their presentation, so their comics are not the only thing late at Marvel. Maybe the folks at Marvel need new watches.

Anyway Jim Lee stepped in and sketched a beautiful Bat-Man sketch during the wait with the caption "I may be late with my books but at least I was on time for the Baltimore Dealer Summit". The sketch was auctioned off for the COMIC BOOK LEGAL DEFENSE FUND and brought $350.00

Marvel finally showed up and gave the following highlights:
October is ZOMBIE MONTH !! (special covers of Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, Howard the Duck, Punisher, and more). The covers are awesome and we will be doing a huge HORROR THEME at the store in October.

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2008 - All New X-Men Story and Iron Man Adventures comic.

Spider-Man - One More Day Issue #3 is gonna be a Death of Captain America like issue. It is going to sell tons. After the ONE MORE DAY storyline look for Spider-Man - BRAND NEW DAY.

After World War Hulk finishes up lokk for World War Hulk - AFTERSMASH.

Ultimate Iron Man II is coming in December of 2007 along with Ultimates III. I saw some artwork for Ultimates III - WOW !!

Cable is back in 2008 and X-Force Returns (Wolverine, X23, Wolfsbane, Thunderbird II?)

Dark Tower - The Long Road Home starts in February 2008.

Marvel's big event for 2008 is SECRET INVASION. "Who Do You Trust?" Marvel promises lots of Skrulls.

The Hulk is turning RED later this year (no more info yet).

Marvel ended their presentation with the IRON MAN TRAILER. It looks AWESOME.
Check it out at Iron Man Website.

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