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Friday, October 24, 2014

Kirby's Dracula

In 1993, Topps Comics released a three-issue Vlad the Impaler miniseries. Each issue in the series was polybagged with three trading cards, and when put together, the back of the cards formed this cool image:

Yes, that's drawn by Jack Kirby, and inked by Mike Mignola. Pretty awesome, huh?

Topps definitely counts as an "indie" company, which means their books will be on sale this weekend during Halloween ComicFest. Do we have the Vlad the Impaler issues? I honestly don't know. But if you come in and look through the boxes, you can find out for yourself - and who knows what other ridiculously fun goodies you'll stumble across? With our stacking discounts, they've never been cheaper!

And just for completion's sake, here are the front of the cards:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween ComicFest - Guess The Number of Eyeballs

Each person who makes a purchase on Saturday gets a chance to guess the total number of eye balls in the jar.

Closest at end wins a gift card.
If any ties a random drawing between ties will be used to determine winner.

Halloween ComicFest MUST READ

This Saturday we are having a little thing called Halloween ComicFest. Perhaps you've heard of it?

Make plans to spend the day with us! Here's how to do it:

Get up early and put on your best Halloween costume and head out to the store.

Show up at 10AM when we open (if you want to come earlier and start a line at the front door that will be great too). Step in at 10 and grab your ONE free comic book, donate $5 to the Martin Memorial Library and take 1 of each of the FREE comics offered for the day (we even have ones from last year available).

Go through the thousands of INDIE back-issue comics and get some new comics at a super low PER-POUND PRICE (discounts do not apply on these).

Eat FREE snacks and then head to the gaming area at 1PM to play some various Halloween themed Munchkin Games and try your hand at Scott's latest creation - Miniature Golf (yes you will be using miniatures).

Eat some more snacks to prep for the Central PA blood mobile which will roll up and be ready to accept blood donations from 4pm - 7pm. Join Batman as he donates blood which will help locals in need of blood.

Finally, to end the day, spend some more money.

But watch this....

We know you are a subscriber so you get 10% OFF your purchases, but remember you are wearing a costume so you get another 10% OFF discount for the day, and are you feeling light headed from the blood loss? Yes!! that gets you another 10% OFF for the day.

10% + 10% +10% = 30% OFF all purchases !!!!!! (except for pound comics and already discounted games)
Jackpot, it's Christmas shopping time (yes I just went there)!
But look at it this way the $1000.00 you were going to spend at the store is down to only $700.00 because of that awesome discount.

So you've helped the Martin Memorial Library, you helped out the Central PA blood bank, you had a ton of fun all day and you saved a ton of money. That is what Halloween ComicFest is all about. See you all Saturday!

More Magic the Gathering POP! on the way

Guaranteed Comics

Our most recent GUARANTEED COMICS.
What are guaranteed comics? CLICK TO LEARN MORE

JUST ARRIVED - Mars Attacks Miniature Game

JUST ARRIVED - The Flash HeroClix Figures

In stock now, DC HeroClix Flash gravity feed
Holding the line at $2.99.

You can play with your Flash figures as you watch the #1 DC Super Hero show on TV - The Flash.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer leaks

Watch it before it's taken down!

Edit: Oh, it's gone. So sad!

Marvel responded to the leak by posting the real thing:

Halloween ComicFest - Comics by the Pound Sale

I spent the week pouring through INDY back issues getting everything ready for the big INDY Comics by the pounds sale.

This sale is going on ALL DAY SATURDAY only.

Special sales discounts do not apply on the back issues, but the price per pound is going to be SUPER CHEAP. Stop in and pick up some back issues that you may have missed or some that you've always wanted to read.

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Munchkin This Saturday During Halloween ComicFest

Munchkin Games this Saturday during Halloween ComicFest.
Also hang around to try Scott's latest game creation - MINIATURE GOLF (literally).

Stay and play all afternoon and enjoy munchies and then at 4pm give blood and the Central PA Bloodmobile.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The next six years of comicbook movies, charted

Click to embiggen:

Help Batman Donate Blood This Saturday Between 4PM and 7PM

Help Batman donate blood this Saturday from 4PM until 7PM.
The Central PA Bloodmobile will be at the store to close out Halloween ComicFest 2014.
Anyone donating blood gets an additional 10% OFF purchases for the day.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

One week until Halloween ComicFest!

Next Saturday, October 25th, is our big Halloween ComicFest. And that means...

Free comics!
Are you an adult? Do you have a costume? Is your costume suitable for wearing in public and looking generally all cool-like? The put it on, come into the store, and get yourself a free comicbook!

More free comics!
What's that you say? One comic isn't enough to slake your desire for glossy paper and four-color printing? Donate to our fundraiser (supporting Martin Memorial Library) for more free comics!

Costume contest!
Are you a child? Do you have a costume? Come in and enter our costume contest - a store gift card is the prize. Also: candy! And a free comic, because hey, why not? We're on a roll!

Comics by the pound!
This is always much more popular than our "comics by the furlong" promotion. We're putting out new comics you've never seen in the sales before, so grab a bunch, throw them on the scale, and see what they weigh.

Starting at 1pm, we'll have lots of fun stuff happening in our game room. Get yourself a seat and throw down (in a friendly manner)!

We vant your blood!
The Central PA Blood Mobile will be here from 4-7pm, ready to extract your precious bodily fluids. Batman's going to give blood - don't you want to be like Batman?

Remember how wearing a costume got you a free comic? It also gets you 10% off for the day!

More discounts!
If you give blood (or even just attempt to give blood), you can get 10% off that way, too.

The Amazing Mega Discount!
For Halloween ComicFest only, ALL DISCOUNTS STACK! You're in a costume? 10% off. You're in a costume and you give blood? 20% off! You're in a costume, you give blood, and you've got a subscription list with us? A BIG 30% OFF! Unbeatable!

Halloween ComicFest is going to be a ton of fun, and it's only a week away. Get ready for the excitement (and the savings)!

Marvel Dice Masters Today at 4PM

Marvel Dice Masters Today at 4PM.
Bring 4 characters with 3 dice each, buy 10 boosters and complete your team.
Winner gets IRON MAN - PHOENIX BUSTER card and everyone gets COLLATERAL DAMAGE card.

Magic Game Day Today at 2PM

GAME DAY - Today at 2PM
Bring a standard deck and $10
3 booster per person prize pool, plus promo cards and a GRAND CHAMPION PLAYMAT.

We need 8 for this event to happen, so bring a friend or two.

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